Checking off the list! 

It’s been a wonderful two weeks! My dad was here for a nice long weekend and my mom has been here for two weeks and counting. So much has gotten crossed off my list, it’s unbelievable.

  1. Wash the baby’s clothes. I hung them all up without washing them first. Rookie mistake. Done! Thanks Mom!
  2. Organize the baby’s closet. Again, courtesy of my mother!
  3. Make sure Kellan’s baby book is up to date. (You know, before I never have time to update it ever, again!!) Turns out his only goes through Age 1, I caught a break. 
  4. Begin baby Allie’s baby book. It’s staring at me from the kitchen table and has been since my baby shower. Check!
  5. Pack my hospital bag. This seems like a luxury task as last go ’round I simply left for church and never came home. Somehow everything I needed ended up at the hospital when I needed it. That’s what husbands are for. I feel super accomplished having this done!
  6. Make photo books of Kellan’s 1st AND 2nd birthday. For BONUS points, do his 1st and 2nd Christmas as well! HA! I concede. 
  7. Complete our taxes. Ugh. Come on refund!
  8. Put the Mamaroo swing thing and double stroller together. Stat.  Let’s be honest, I can’t do this. BJ? Dad? Swing and monstrosity of a stroller are ready for duty, thanks to my dad and hubby. 
  9. Write at LEAST six weeks of meal plans for Menu Therapy. Do I only have seven weeks MAX to do that? Yikes! Subscribers, you’ll be eating well!
  10. Kellan needs an Easter outfit! I’m from the South and this is a MUST. Whether I make it off the couch to church with BJ and Kellan, he WILL look like a pastel Easter egg if it’s the last thing I do. BONUS points if I can get him and BJ to match (insert snicker…BJ would not approve).  Nonni and BJ hit the mall today. 
  11. Get a present to Kellan from baby Allie. After the meltdown Kellan had building a bunny for Allie this weekend, we will be going the Amazon route for this one. Done. One gigantic, squishy stegosaurus coming right up. Good choice, Allie. 

Kellan has been spoiled in the BEST way possible, with more love, attention and fun outtings than BJ and I would have been able to do on our own. Of course he’s always pretty well covered in the love department since we basically spend every waking minute letting that boy know how absolutely cherished he is, but there’s something about grandparent love that’s just extra special. 



I feel super accomplished and I’ve barely left the couch. It’s pretty awesome. Since my dad left to get back to work, my mom has cooked, cleaned, shopped, organized, done mountains of laundry, chauffeured BJ and myself to doctor visits, and has taken exceptional care of Kellan. However, of all of the amazing ways she has helped out over the last two weeks, my favorite has been what she’s done in the kitchen. She’s whipped up some delicious home-cooked meals including the Cinnamon Roll Cake and Brussels Sprouts pizzas I whined about last blog, and has kept us enjoying a nice family dinner around the kitchen table every night. To me, that’s the best way to keep things normal; family dinner around the table. Like church on Sunday morning and date night with my husband every week, family dinners are something to count on when everything else is spinning chaotically out of my control. I believe that gathering around the table for a delicious (hopefully!) dinner plays a central part in keeping families together, which is really where the idea of Menu Therapy came from to begin with! Being able to sit with my family and enjoy dinner each night has made bed rest more bearable. It’s given me something “normal” to look forward to each day…and an excuse to let Kellan pull his mommy off the couch every evening.

34 weeks down…only a handful to go until we trade our current chaos in for another kind. Two kids! Call me crazy, but surely that will be easier, or at least more manageable, than our current situation. At least I’ll be up and at ’em and able to contribute, even if I have a newborn strapped on!

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